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Project Description
It is a library based on MetaWeblog to make users easily transfer/publish/manage their articles via programes.

This library can help you to:
  • Transfer your blogs from one blog site to another.
  • Manage your blogs of lots of sites via program, like Windows Live Writer.
  • Create your own content publish application to synchronize all blogs.
  • Create rebots or any other automatic programs to retrieve/create blogs.

The library needs Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or above.

Currently, the library supports below blog sites:
  1. CnBlogs (
  2. Sina Blog (

Below blog sites will be supported in later versions:
  1. Netease Blog (
  2. Blog Bus (

More and more blog sites/systems are considered to be into this intergration in near future:
  1. Wordpress
  2. Sohu Blog

API, Open Api, CMS, blog, cnblogs, sina, 163, netease, blogbus, sohu, tranfer, manage, metaweblog, xmlrpc, .NET, C#, free library

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